As 星火电竞手机版外围 Chemical Transport GmbH, we have been a reliable tank transport provider for the special requirements in the field of liquid and liquid gas transport operations by multimodal means of transport, particularly for the chemical and petro-chemical industries, for many years.

We also offer our customers beneficial additional services in the transport sector, which go beyond our reliable transport services. Our own tank cleaning facilities enable us to complement our tank transport services for the benefit of our customers.

Whatever type of dangerous goods transport you need, we provide the latest equipment that is perfectly adapted to your needs in terms of technology; and it is used by our employees in such a way that you obtain the greatest benefits.

Stable connections and top safety levels

As a specialist for Europe-wide liquid chemical transports, we have an extensive network of company business locations at the major urban centres of the chemical industry. Our spectrum of services in the field of tanker logistics for the chemical industry ranges from classic road and intermodal traffic to individual transport logistics solutions in line with the requirements of our customers and the product needing to be transported. These transport services may also include the disposal of waste products.

Optimally equipped for chemical transports and other dangerous goods transport

Our fleet contains standardised tanker trailers made of steel and special stainless steel and tank containers, which are geared towards meeting specific product requirements.

Special value–added services, like our own tank cleaning units or IBC services, create additional value added for our customers and complete our portfolio of transport services for the chemical industry.

Our services in the field of transporting chemicals:

Liquid bulk transport

  • Transport services certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCC, audited in line with SQAS
  • Tanker trailers made of steel, V4A stainless steel and special stainless steel with one to five chambers (22.5 – 34 m3) or jumbo trailers with three to four chambers (51 – 54 m3)
  • Special linings/rubberised inside, insulated and heatable
  • Telematics system with communications related to the job and an ERP link
  • Tank containers ranging from 22.5 to 35 m³, some of them rubberised inside and with heating available while the goods are in transit

Liquid disposal services

  • Comprehensive disposal logistics
  • Professional procedures through specially trained employees
  • Interconnected process management to reduce administrative expenditure
  • Waste transport permit for all kinds of waste according to the Waste Catalogue
  • Certified according to  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCC**, audited in line with SQAS
  • Transporting waste sulphuric acid in distinctive trailers made of special stainless steel

Our locations

European Chemical Logistics (ECL) network

At European level, ICL works along with other logistics service providers within the network of ECL (European Chemical Logistics). Besides 星火电竞手机版外围 Chemical Logistics (Benelux & Germany), ECL also consists of partners in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

ECL consists of specialists in the field of chemical warehousing and regional ADR distribution. Everything conform Seveso legislation, ISO 9001 and SQAS.

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