Integrated Report 2020

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Our purpose


The past year has been extraordinary and challenging and one of two distinct halves. Dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic in the second half to February 2020, we were on track to deliver our guidance for financial performance that we communicated to the market at our interim results 2020. This was severely impacted in the second half, particularly in the last quarter of our financial year during the peak of the Covid–19 pandemic. During a time of great uncertainty, we had to navigate many unforeseen challenges and I am proud of how 星火电竞手机版外围 and its people have risen fearlessly to these challenges, demonstrated resilience and captured the opportunities.

Our value creation story

Our core values

Our values shape the path towards our One 星火电竞手机版外围 vision, informs and guides the desired mindsets, behaviours and practice of how to treat our people and other stakeholders.

our purpose

Operating as 'One 星火电竞手机版外围'

星火电竞手机版外围 offers a unique value proposition as the 'Gateway to Africa' for clients, principals and customers.

Operating as 'One 星火电竞手机版外围'

Being ‘One 星火电竞手机版外围’ means aligning our people, client and profit propositions, to position 星火电竞手机版外围 as one business under one brand.

Our business model

We are transforming into ‘One 星火电竞手机版外围’ group that is structured, equipped and optimised to leverage our unique competitive advantages. This will enable us to achieve our aspirations to grow sustainable revenue and achieve targeted returns, deepen our competitiveness and relevance, and retain our industry and market legitimacy thereby unlocking value for all our stakeholders.

Our impacts and outcomes

Our strategy

Our purpose-driven strategy aligns our people, client and profit propositions and reimagines 'One 星火电竞手机版外围', equipped to grow and unlock value in a post-pandemic world. Our integrated and innovative solutions, supported by best-in-class and emerging technologies and a culture of client-centred collaboration, will enable us to compete and win in our chosen markets and industries in a new world.

Our focused strategy

Excellence ensures top quality logistics services

A leading force in supply chain management

We change the lives of people that we serve

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